FAQs – Milpitas

Can I sign up if I do not have a credit card or bank account?

Yes, you have 3 options:

  1.  Purchase a Paid in Full membership (1 year max).
  2.  Have a friend/family authorize us to use their billing information for your membership. They must be present to sign the agreement and to show their ID.
  3.  Pay by statements (a $5 fee will be added to your monthly dues)
If I buy a Basic membership, can I upgrade later to a VIP membership?

Yes, you can upgrade at anytime by signing a new agreement for the 1 year VIP membership. There are no additional fees to upgrade.

Can a VIP member’s guest also tan for free?


If my membership has a 1 year term, will it automatically expire after the year is fulfilled?

No. After your initial term, your account will convert into a month to month billing cycle. See terms and conditions regarding cancellations for term memberships.

When is my Yearly Maintenance Fee drafted?

The non-refundable Yearly Maintenance Fee will be drafted on June 15th of every year as long as you are a member.

How do I cancel my monthly/Term membership?

All cancellations must be mailed to our Billing Department. Verbal cancellations will NOT be accepted. 

*Month to month agreements may be canceled at anytime with proper notification. Term memberships may be canceled, but are subject to a $59 cancel fee.  Members are responsible for paying any outstanding balances prior to cancellation.

What is the minimum age to work out at Fitness For 10?

A parent/legal guardian must be present at all times with children 14-17 years old.

Can I purchase a membership for someone else?

Yes. Fitness For 10 memberships make great gifts! Contact your local club for details.

What is a ‘Return Item Fee’?

Any time a payment is returned (check, credit card, automatic draft), a $25 fee is added to the account.

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