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When is my Administration Fee drafted?
The $30 or $35 (depending on your plan) non-refundable Administration Fee will be billed 3 months from your join date, on the same day as your monthly dues, and for every subsequent year that you remain a member. This fee is billed in ADDITION to your monthly dues.
What is the cancellation policy on my monthly membership?
  • After the initial term of monthly dues membership, member may terminate the agreement and the obligation to pay further monthly dues by submitting a written cancellation request either in person or by mail to member’s original club. Cancellation request must be received by member’s billing date of the previous month. If notice is not received by this date member/account holder will be billed one more month & Admin Fee (if applicable). In the absence of such notice, all fees shall continue. Verbal cancellations will not be accepted.
  • If membership has a minimum term that has not yet been fulfilled, member/account holder may terminate the agreement early by submitting a $50 cancellation fee with this request. In the absence of such payment, all fees shall continue for the remaining value of the membership term.
  • Member/account holder are responsible for any back dues, admin fees and late fees prior to cancellation.
  • Prepaid memberships cannot be cancelled
What day of the month will my dues be drafted?

Monthly dues will begin automatically drafting 7-days after your enrollment date and on that same date each month thereafter.

Do I have to pay an additional Administration Fee if I purchase a Paid In Full membership?
No, the Administration Fee is included in the price of the prepaid memberships.

Can I purchase a membership for someone else?
Yes. Fitness For 10 memberships make great gifts! Contact your local club for details.

What is the minimum age to work out at Fitness For 10?
The minimum age to work out at FF10 is 12 years old with a parent & 14 years old by him/her self (cosigner must be on file for both).

If I buy a $10 monthly plan can I upgrade later to the $19 plan?
Yes. You can upgrade at anytime, you would just need to sign for the 1yr term & we would need to issue a VIP card. There is no additional fee to upgrade.

If I purchased a 1-year min term plan, will it expire after the year is fulfilled?
No. After your 1 year has been fulfilled your membership continues on a month-to-month basis and you may cancel without having to pay an early termination fee.

Can a VIP member’s guest tan for free also?
No, tanning is only available for VIP members.

Can I sign up if I do not have a credit card or bank account?
Yes, you have 3 options.

  1. Purchase a 1-year paid in full membership
  2. Provide us with a RELOADABLE pre-paid debit card
  3. Have a friend/family authorize us to use their billing info on your membership (signature and ID will be required)

What is included on a VIP membership?

    • Access to all Fitness For $10 locations
    • Unlimited Tanning For primary member only.
    • Free Guest Privileges You can bring 1 person with you, per workout, every time you work out. It can be the same person, or a different person, but that guest cannot come without you and they must meet the age requirement.

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