The Fitness for $10 Story

The Fitness For $10 story began a complete change in philosophy about the way that a health club should be run.  Most people get into the health club business with the idea of running a business that will allow them to combine their passion for fitness and the chance to make money doing it. Unfortunately for many club owners they quickly realize that it’s not that simple, and that there are elements of the fitness industry that they did not foresee.  As the owners of Fitness For $10 we were no different. For over 15 years we owned and operate highly successful sales driven health clubs. Yet for those same 15 years we struggled to find honest dependable Managers and Sales people, struggled to find reliable group fitness instructors and struggled to maintain a child care program. The cost of running our business kept going up yet our profit was going down. It was at that point that we decided there had to be a better way. There had to be a way to make our clubs more profitable and still give our members a well equipped, super clean and friendly club that was the best fitness value in the area.

Fitness For $10 was born.

We eliminated all of our sales people, eliminated our aerobics program, eliminated kids care and dropped our rates ridiculously low. We made it easy to sign up, no sales pressure, no haggling over price, no “promotions” no gimmicks, just a great value for the dollar. Boy did people respond! The first 6 months we spent most of our time convincing people that there was no “catch”. Once the word got out that we were for real and our pricing was not a gimmick our business exploded! Along the way we noticed another interesting phenomenon, running a health club became fun again! So many of the headaches that we had experienced over the years were gone. This was the type of business we envisioned when we got into the health club industry in the first place, and guess what….we have accomplished what we had set out to do, combine fitness and profitability.

Why Fitness For $10?