One of the most common New Year’s Resolutions for people is to get into shape, but with busy lifestyles, this goal can become tough to achieve. According to UAB Medicine, “less than 8% of people stick to their New Year’s Resolutions.” This is a difficult realization, and it can be discouraging to people trying to follow through with their health goals, but we are here to give you the best tips to maintain your resolution!

So, how exactly do you ensure that you will follow through with your goals this year?

Make Realistic Expectations

When you sit down and go over your list of goals for 2021, make sure you are realistic. It is easier said than done to choose “run a marathon” as your goal for the year. Although this is possible, make sure that you consider your schedule, level of expertise in fitness, and your lifestyle. Start with small, measurable steps when you are thinking of your resolution. Instead of making the goal to get in shape, try being more specific. A good example is “work up to a 5 mile run by February.” This type of goal will make you less stressed, and once you reach that goal, you can start thinking about bigger goals.

Shop Healthy

During your journey it is easy to get off track if you have unhealthy food in your home. When you go grocery shopping, make sure to write a list beforehand. When you write a list, you are more likely to stick to the items on that list and less likely to make impulse purchases. Try to eat a healthy meal before shopping as well. If you shop on an empty stomach, you might buy more unhealthy food than anticipated.

You Can Always Restart

It is common to fall off the wagon when you start your fitness journey, but getting back on the wagon is the most important part of achieving your goals. If you mess up once or twice, start again and keep encouraging yourself. It helps to have an accountability partner when you are first starting, so you can check in with each other about working out and eating healthy. Although we are in a pandemic, it is still possible to have a work out partner. Try using apps, group texts, and video calls to work out together.

Look For A Local Fitness For 10 In Your Area

When you start to work out as a beginner, it could be beneficial to start a gym membership. Try looking for an affordable gym with classes and good equipment. Paying for a membership will also motivate you to get your money’s worth and workout as often as possible.

Need help staying in shape during the New Year? Check out to see if there is a gym in your area!

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