It’s not always easy to make fitness a priority, but if you want to be healthy and feel good in the future, it’s worth it. The key is finding ways that work for you and your lifestyle. In this blog post, we will discuss six different tips that can help motivate you to achieve your goals in 2021!

1. Track Your Progress with a Fitness Tracker 

You can use an app on your phone to track the number of calories you’ve burned, how many steps you take, or miles walked throughout the day. Some fitness trackers also include a heart rate monitor and sleep tracker, which are great for tracking health metrics. These gadgets will make it easier to see progress over time so that instead of giving up, you can be motivated by the progress you have made.

2. Make Exercise a Habit by Setting Realistic Goals and Reminders for Yourself 

It is best to set realistic goals for yourself- don’t try to go from 0 minutes per day of working out to 60 minutes every day. Instead, set small goals that add up to your larger goal throughout the day. For example, if you want to work out 20 minutes per day, try setting a reminder for yourself every hour and do some quick exercises while watching TV or taking a break at work.

3. Find an Activity that You Enjoy Doing, so You Can Stick to it Long-Term 

Try to find an exercise that you enjoy- whether it’s running, weight lifting, or boxing. If you like the activity, then chances are you’ll stick with it for a while and continue to progress in your fitness journey.

If none of these activities sound enjoyable to you (or if nothing sounds fun), try exploring different types of exercise until you find one that sticks!

4. Get Enough Sleep

Lack of sleep can lead to lethargy and decreased motivation for exercising or dieting. Therefore, it is best to get at least eight hours of sleep per night. This will increase your energy and make you more motivated to work out that day.

5. Join a Group Fitness Class

Joining a group to work out with will help you stay motivated and accountable. This is a fun way to get in shape by getting out of the house! If you are looking for a gym to join that offers fitness courses, check out Fitness for $10 by visiting our website

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