We’ve all been there – we start a new year with the best of intentions to get in shape and before you know it, January is over and nothing has changed. This year, don’t let that happen again! There are many ways to successfully achieve your fitness goals and we’re here to share some of our favorites.

1. Make a Plan

The first step to any successful goal is making a plan. Figure out what you want to achieve and how you’re going to do it be realistic, sustainable, and specific. If your goal is simply “to be more active,” that’s great, but it’s not very actionable. On the other hand, if your goal is “to do 15 pushups every day,” that’s far more specific and achievable.

Once you’ve decided what your goals are, think about how much time you’ll need to spend working out each week or each month – don’t overdo it! Also, figure out which days of the week will work best for where you’ll be exercising (i.e., at the gym, outside).

Once you have a plan in place that works for your schedule and lifestyle, it’s time to get started!

2. Start Small

It’s important not to overwhelm yourself when you’re first starting out. If your goal is to work out every day of the week, that might be too much for someone who hasn’t exercised in a long time or who doesn’t like working out very often. Start small – aim for exercising three times per week and increase gradually as your body becomes more accustomed to it.

You might also want to start by gradually adding time or intensity to your workouts rather than changing your entire routine all at once. This will help make the transition smoother and prevent you from getting burned out.

3. Set Realistic Goals

It’s great to set big goals and aim for the stars, but it can be discouraging if you don’t reach them. When setting your fitness goals, make sure they’re achievable in a reasonable amount of time (think six months or less) and that they won’t require drastic changes to your lifestyle – there’s no point in setting an unrealistic goal just to feel disappointed in yourself when you don’t achieve it.

Remember, fitness is a journey, not a destination. There’s no shame in starting small and gradually building up as you go.

4. Find a Support Group

Working toward your goals alone can be challenging, so find a support group to help motivate you. Friends and family are great for providing encouragement – just knowing that someone is expecting you to work out or eat healthy will make it harder to slip up!

You might also consider joining an online community where others share similar fitness goals – it’s easier than ever to find people who will support your journey and help keep you accountable.

5. Track Your Progress

Seeing tangible evidence of your progress is one of the best ways to stay motivated. If you’re using a fitness tracker or app, make sure to check in regularly and see how you’re doing. You might be surprised at how much progress you’ve made even if it doesn’t seem like much at first glance.

If you’re not tracking your progress with technology, try to find ways to keep a record yourself – this could be as simple as taking progress photos or writing down your measurements.

Keeping track of what you’ve done so far will help remind you how much work it took and just how far you’ve come!

6. Celebrate Your Accomplishments

Even if your goal is to simply lose a few pounds, every step counts and should be celebrated. Treat yourself to a new workout outfit after you meet your weight loss goal or take yourself out for dinner after completing a month of healthy eating.

Small accomplishments are essential on the road to success – so congratulate yourself for every victory, no matter how big or small!

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